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Parking Garage Pigeon Control

Parking Garages can be a haven for birds and pigeons. The design of these parking structures have many nooks and crannies to roost and nest into. That is where Abolish comes with their years of extensive bird control expertise. We know the right tools and products to use especially when it comes to dealing with birds and parking garages.

These are the steps we take in effectively removing birds from your parking structure or building:

1) Inspection

2) Cleanup, Decontamination, and Preparation

3) Proofing

4) Finishing Touches


Best Solution for parking garages and structures--BirdSlide

What separates us from the other pest control companies is that bird control is a big industry and it takes experience and accumulated knowledge to do it right. We know this and have been in this industry since 1985. Many times we find ourselves at job sites to fix what other companies have failed to do. They don't use the right product for the job.

Learn more about what other companies do and what we do.

Abolish Bird Control Methods


Other Bird Control Companies

Beware: There are many products and gimmicks that are advertised to remove and keep birds away. If you don't know what your doing or fall for an unreliable product you may be wasting your money. We have pictures of examples of how inexperience and faulty products can make a problem worse. For example the picture on the left is of an Ultrasonic device. Ultrasonic devices claim to use ultra-high frequency sound waves that chase away birds but in actuality it is highly ineffective and this picture proves it by showing a bird's nest on one of these devices surrounded by spikes. Unprofessional. Ineffective.

What is Birdslide?

WE USE BIRDSLIDE for all parking garages and areas where it can be effectively implemented. Why? It works! Check out their website for more details. We just perfect its use..

Steps to Exclusion:


Our inspection of your parking structure consists of a thorough and detail analysis of the complex and its problem areas. We take pictures of all the problem and potential problem areas. Once inspected we will provide proposal on how to completely and effectively to rid your parking garage of pigeons and other birds.


Commercial areas infested with birds can also bring in many complaints and degrade the status of ones business. An area nesting hundreds or thousands of birds can become an offensive sight as well as a feces contaminated area. There are many instances when someone hires a company for bird control but in turn will simply get a bill for sloppy and ineffective work. A lot of our work is done to fix what other companies have failed to do. Our top priority is to prevent the birds from nesting or roosting in your area. Before we complete our bird proofing we highly recommend our decontamination and cleanup services. If you attempt to clean the infestation yourself, it is strongly recommended to have proper equipment. We use Hepa Vacuums, Pressure washers, chemical sprays, and always wear respirators and clean suits when dealing with bird feces. Our cleanup leaves your parking structure or garage spotless and ready for proofing. Abolish Pest Control Company uses a powerful, wide spectrum multi-purpose sanitizing spray to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, etc. The bactericide and disinfectant is applied directly on bird droppings, nests etc, to neutralize any harmful germs and enable safe removal of the waste materials.



There are a variety of reasons a company may proof your parking garage ineffectively. One reason is they aren't using the right tools. Bird Spike may be effective for some things and ineffective for others. While it may have its weak points, there are other products that cover that end. Sometimes companies just use what they have and what is cheapest. Well, you get what you pay for. We have thousands of photos of poor proofing by other companies. Our proofing works and it lasts. It doesn't just stop at parking garages and birds, we have mastered the science of proofing for rodents and other larger animals.

Remember, proofing your garage is preventing future feces and birds. Even if the parking structure has not experienced a severe infestation, prevention will completely eliminate that chance.

Finishing Touches

Depending on the structure, our finishing touches may be repairs, painting, or additional cleaning. Some severe infestations may require bird trapping prior to cleaning. Once the job has been completed we may relocate the birds and release them away from the structure.

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